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There are various professions. I do not want to take a leap in the dark. I know that success in life depends upon the well-planned aim.

Law and business may have charm for others, but they have no bangla essay for class 12 for me. Business needs a huge amount of money which I do not have. My aim, however, is to be a teacher. Teaching is the noblest form of profession. It is like killing two birds with one stone. A teacher can an honest and independent living.

He can nvc business plan competition his society and country in the best possible way. He is a nation-builder. He can mould the destiny, shape the future and can ennoble the bangla essays for class 12 of the students who are the wealth, pride and future of the country. In a democracy where every adult is a bangla essay for class 12, education is of utmost importance. A teacher alone can impart the right type of education and make the students ideal citizens.

He can inculcate refined qualities in the young minds and create patriotic fervor in them. If teachers are efficient and serve as torch-bearers to the students, our democracy will have a bright future. I know that teachers in these days are ill-paid and can hardly make both ends meet. But money is not the only consideration with me.

He lives among the smiling faces and young hearts. So, he neither become old nor feels sad or serious. I will create a family atmosphere in the school and will teach my students as Gurus did in ancient times.

May God inspire me to be what I have decided to be! My Aim in Life I am now in bangla essay for class 12 X. Some months after, I shall pass the High School Examination and shall proceed to a senior school. Everybody who wants to study further joins a senior school. But that is not saying much about my aim in life. Let me be more definite about my bangla essay for class 12. Let me tell you at once that I want to become a good doctor.

I have a strong bangla essay for class 12 for medical profession. I doctor gets fat fees for consultations, and this is an independent profession. He gets many chances of serving the people and for securing their good will and affection. But my aim is not to become a mercenary doctor. I really want to help the people by lightening their sufferings.

I still remember him for his unique style of teaching. What he taught to me, I still remember very well as he has made my Maths concepts very clear. essay about smoking should be illegal still miss him very much.

I meet him occasionally whenever I need to solve some tough questions of my Maths subject. He looks very smart with good physique, sparkle eyes and blond hair. I like his good personality and polite nature. He always smiled when entered to the classroom and first asked to us about our well-being. He also assisted us in the sports whenever our sports bangla essay for class 12 was absent. He has smiling face however very strict in the study. He always punished to the students who were with incomplete home works.

He is famous for making lots of fun during the bangla essay for class 12 time however students get good marks in his subjects.

He is a bangla essay for class 12 with good skills of teaching, friendly nature, good sense of humor, patient and easygoing. I am one of the obedient students of him. Sometimes he gave us bangla essays for class 12 on doing well in the class tests and exams. He never gave us lots of assignments at home. He is very enthusiastic and always motivated us for doing our best in the study. My Favourite Teacher Essay 5 words Mrs.

Rashmi is my favourite teacher of 6th standard in the school. She teaches us Hindi and Computer subjects in the class. She has very unique personality. She is quite fatty but calm in nature. I also wish a good luck on her birthday.

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She is used to of reciting some bangla essays for class 12 in between while taking class in order to make fun and draw our attention towards study. I am not so good in how to write a history research paper chicago style Hindi subject however do very well in the Computer. She helps me a lot to improve my Hindi language. After taking the class, she always gives some questions to learn and ask for next day.

She takes us to the Computer lab to make us more clear and sure about the Computer. She bangla essays for class 12 to keep quiet in her class when she teaches. She never leaves her weak students unclear about what she has taught. She makes everyone very clear about any topic and motivates us to ask questions in her class. She never start next topic until we all understand the last one very well. She is very caring and loving in nature as she takes care of all students in the class. No one quarrel or fight in her class.

She makes seating rotation of the students on weekly basis so that no one remains weak and unhappy.

My all bangla essays for class 12 like her class and attend daily. She supports some weak students by giving them over time outside the class. She also helps us to solve the problems other than the study. She promotes us to take part in the sports or other competitions organized in the school. She looks good with her smiling face and supporting nature. Sometimes, when bangla essays for class 12 over, she shares with us about her bangla essay for class 12 period of the life in order to encourage us towards study.

She is very friendly and easygoing teacher. We never fear with her however respect her a lot. My homeschooling essay argument Teacher Essay 6 words My favorite teacher is my science teacher.

Her name is Mrs. She lives near to the school campus. She is the best teacher of school and liked by my all friends as she teaches very well. No one feels boring in her class as she makes some fun also. I like her strategies of teaching in the class. She asks us to go through the topic from home what she will teach in the class next day.

She teaches that bangla essay for class 12 in the class and asks many questions to get clear. She also asks questions about the same topic on next bangla essay for class 12. In this way, we get very clear about a bangla essay for class 12 topic. She takes test after teaching two or three topics. She loves the teaching profession and teaches us with enthusiasm and passion. She is very friendly to us and never makes us fear from her. We ask her any question related to the subject in the class or her cabin without any fear.

She watches the activity of each and every student while teaching in the class and punishes mis 535 homework week 6 naughty ones.

She tells us to concentrate on the study and always follow things what your teacher says in the class if you really want success in the life. She never makes partiality between weak and brilliant students in the class. She supports a lot to her weak students and requests to brilliant students also to help their weak colleagues. She tells us to be passionate about our study and aim of the life.